About Me

My email address is: LaineK65@gmail.com

I love everything about crafting. I have been collecting supplies for a very long time now - if you were to ask my daughters they would tell you I have enough to open my own shop. 

When I am creating it takes me to a place that is magical and relaxing. Doing something I love is like heaven on earth and I feel so blessed to be able to share my passion with so many amazing, talented and inspiring women whom I meet every day.

I am mom to the most amazing, loving, talented, sweet, compassionate and beautiful daughters, Lynette and Tiffany. Grandma to Logan and Jared who are sweet, kind, funny, handsome and smart. They are all my heart beat and I treasure them always. 

I am doggie mom to Hercules who has been by my side for almost 13 years now. I always tell him that God made him just for me because He new exactly what I needed. He only weighs 4.5 pounds but I swear his heart weighs much more than that.

I am truly blessed.